I need…

lots of prayers today! My MDS has converted to leukemia and my white cells are increasing exponentially so I’m being admitted to the hospital! If the treatment works over the next 10 days I’ll be in remission but if not it will be all over for me!!!

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  1. Lord Jesus, we believe Natalie can do more for you alive and well. We pray for that in Jesus name. Isaiah 38:19 “For the grave cannot praise you, death cannot sing your praise.”
    Natalie, these words were a great blessing for me when my health was in crises.

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  2. Surprising news to read today. I’m holding you in prayer, Natalie. May you feel loved, comforted, and at peace, whatever the outcome.


  3. My original beautiful new connection made many, many years ago now, built on admiration, adoration, interest, gratitude, appreciation, caring, enjoying each other and a near immediate bond … turned my dear, dear friend, family and in the real world extremely important presence in my life, my inspiration, my honor to have been given a key into your existence, equally as honored to have you accepted the key to mine … I love you beyond words, beyond language, beyond miles and beyond time. Crossing paths with one another was not an accident, it was no coincidence. I treasure you, as I know you do me – and I wish that I could have you wake up and find that all of this has been, and is, nothing more than a nightmarish dream, I know you do too. I don’t have to tell you I’m praying, because I live in prayer within my heart and you know that you reside there, and how much prayer I surround you with. I don’t have to tell you that it pains me knowing what every minute of what you’ve been, and what you are now, enduring, because I know you know. There’s much I don’t have to tell you, which is something I am immensely grateful for, because you know how very much I love you – and knowing you know is too an honor, your love has always and does, humble me. I hope upon hope that you have the strength to endure this … and that any part of it is as least painful, in all ways, as possible. It’s raining here in Orlando tonight … which reminds me of the drought you were having a year or so ago, how much, and how many times, you told me how badly your garden needed rain … which reminds me of singing in the rain, which then reminds me of “treeing in the rain,” my whimsical, playful, dedication to your prayer for rain … which reminds me of you. So, whatever it is your night is like tonight, whatever it is, to whatever extent, how ever you feel and no matter what’s taking place in the very place you are right now … I’m in Orlando, listening to the rain, connecting me to you and holding you hand.

    I love you Natalie, My Bitty & Nitty. Blessings to you that you get through the night and tomorrow morning as easily as humanly possible under the circumstances.

    Your Missy (3 kisses) ❀ ❀ ❀


  4. *** ππ€π“π€π‹πˆπ„ 𝐔𝐏𝐃𝐀𝐓𝐄 ***

    Hello friends of Natalie. As most likely know due to her post about it a few posts down (Called I Need), she has been in the hospital since March 26th. There’s been one complication after another, all very serious – and each of them leaving her poor body weaker and weaker with much to fight against. By the Grace of God she’s been able to endure and survive them all, but she’s now facing yet another challenge, without the others done with, and all of these challenges are quite serious. Also as most of you likely know, she has a very strong and devoted belief and relationship with God, with Jesus. I myself have a different type of faith, but no matter what our faiths are, their are many common denominators, the most important … Love. For those who have been following and connecting with her online, please, please, please, in whatever way you do, no matter your belief or faith, pray for Natalie. She needs an abundance of prayers for strength to endure all that she’s enduring with regard to the ailments, strength to endure all that she’s enduring with regard to the treatments of the ailments, strength to endure all that she’s enduring with regard to what many of these treatments are causing (other illnesses and issues), great strength to fight through all of this, healing for all that she’s battling, healing from the treatments they’re trying to heal her from all that she’s battling, abundant blessings and abundant miracles. If you’ve been following Natalie online, than you know that she is a loving being of strong faith, strength, kindness, compassion and all that is beautiful. She needs our prayers.

    Won’t you please join me in holding space for her and keeping her in your hearts, thoughts and prayers everyday, day and night, sending as much healing, loving energy as we can, in any way that each of us do individually? She’s fighting, but it’s all very serious and becoming a mountain I’m becoming concerned she may not be able to climb.

    With enormous gratitude and love,


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      • Hello Mother Hen, I concur, she was one of the most beautiful people and souls inside and out that I’ve been blessed enough to know. She will be greatly missed by many. When enough time has passed for her daughter to absorb all of this, I’ll speak with her in hope to have her mother’s blog and FB accounts continue to be active, not only in her memory, but to share the beautiful and loving heart that her mother shared, and will continue to share through her eyes for all to see in the future.

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      • In my years here at wp there have been three that have passed on to the heavenly place.( that I was aware of) I am not always attentive and respond to all but I do pay attention and care.. Thank you for sharing!

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  5. Hi N. JM told me you had posted about your illness and I wanted to drop by and let you know I’m praying and believing this treatment will work and your body will be strong again. Much love to you N. xoxo mm


  6. In loving memory of sweet, precious, loving, beautiful Natalie. May her journey home have been paved with peace and comfort, and her arrival met with abundant loving light and warmth. (Rest In Peace – April 8, 2019)

    Natalie was in the hospital for 13 days. I spoke to her the first few days, then her daughter each day and night after that. It was a very difficult 13 days, for Natalie, for her devoted, heartbroken husband James, for her cherished and devoted daughter Nikki, for her entire family and many friends, and for me. Natalie and I fought her battle over the past year together, in ways that can’t be described in language, I was at her side the entire year, each day. On March 26, 2019, she had gone in to see her doctor with great tenacity, to put her foot down and find out what was causing all she was going through, and why nothing was working, she wanted answers and relief once and for all. She was immediately sent to the hospital after test results showed a serious illness, and it was one terrible thing after another once she got there. She fought so hard, harder than hard, but in the end her body was no longer able to. She passed surrounded by great love of those who loved her. I would never share even this small amount of detail about this, or any other part of her personal life on a public site, but since she did (a handful of posts below called “I NEED” – as well as others alike over the past year), I believe she’d want those who admired her, cared for her and felt blessed to have known her (and her them) to know what happened.
    She’s now home, with the Lord she loved so much. I will carry her with me each and every day. This life lost a beautiful Earth Angel. πŸ’”

    Abundant prayers for strength and healing sent to her beloved family and dear friends. πŸ’–



  7. I am sorry my good will message is coming late ma’am. My prayers are with you. God has got this in control and you’ve got nothing to fear.
    Speedy recovery and healing I pray for you this day and always in Jesus name Amen. πŸ’žπŸ’•


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