639. Update on knee surgery…

So I go in last week to do the pre-op for my knee replacement surgery which was (notice I said was) scheduled for next Tuesday, February 17th, and they call me the next day to say that my EKG was abnormal and that I need to see a cardiologist.  Thankfully there were able to arrange an appointment with the cardiologist for today.  This quote in the photo below seemed to be just right for an update about all this since it talks about the heart and left and right issues.

Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 4.14.03 PM

The electrical impulse that moves from the right side of the heart to the left should create a simultaneous spark or beat or whatever they call it, and mine isn’t.  There’s a split second delay between the firing on the right side and the firing on the left side.  The good news is that the cardiologist said it wasn’t a long enough delay to be serious at this time and that sometimes it happens as we age.  He went on to say that more than likely it would not require the insertion of a pacemaker.  But just to be sure there is no heart disease that might be causing it, he wants me to have a stress test and the quickest that it could be scheduled was next Tuesday the day I was supposed to have the surgery.  Thus, now pending any negative results from the stress test, the surgery has been rescheduled for Thursday, February 26th.  In the meantime the pain in my knee (actually now it’s pretty much my entire left leg and foot) has increased significantly.  That’s why I’ve not been able to read many of your posts and have been slow to answer comments and emails for the last several days.  I hate that and sadly with this increased amount of pain, that may continue right up until the surgery.  So please forgive me and keep those prayers a comin’.  I am going to try however to keep up with a daily post as that helps keep my mind off the pain, the tedium, and the anxiety.  I know the Lord has a reason for everything and I trust that He is watching over me and guiding these events, but the going is still very tough at times especially since this and another health issue have plagued me for over a year and both are exhausting.  Hopefully, I will be back some day soon.  Much love, Natalie

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