565. Come, come thou bleak December wind, and blow the dry leaves from the tree! ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Through bare trees
I can be winter’s innocence,
unashamed needfulness,
the thin and reaching limbs 
of a beggar,
longing to touch 
but the hem of the sun.
~Lisa Lindsey

Screen shot 2014-12-01 at 1.21.28 PM

It’s the first morn of December. It’s cold. It’s gray. Leaves are brown, dying, or gone. Branches already bare resemble arms reaching to the heavens for something or someone. A norther continues to blow open wider and wider the gates of the year’s Sabbath, and the wings and winds of change are palpable in the frosty air. In the garden’s resounding gong, in its tinkling wind chimes, and in its clanging bells I hear portents of the changes. I’m reminded not only by these sounds but also by the morning’s silences that December is a time of expectancy, a time of waiting, and a time of preparation; moreover, it is a time to share in the ancient longing for the Messiah’s birth as well as a time to look forward to His second coming. And since our time coin for this year is almost spent, it is time now more than ever to let love reign our hearts, to let peace be our constant prayer, to let compassion and giving pour our of our gratitude for another year of Yahweh’s gifts, blessings, fulfilled promises, and miracles. And it is also time, now and always, to reach for the heavens and praise God for all that He is, for all that He has done, and all that He continues to do for His children!

Now, my God, may your eyes be open and your ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place. ~2 Chronicles 6:40   ✝

** Image via Pinterest, but edited by Natalie

13 thoughts on “565. Come, come thou bleak December wind, and blow the dry leaves from the tree! ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

    • Yeppers, things are more less over here as well and the few things in pots are already in the greenhouse. But all my little seedling babies are hanging in there outside and holding their own. I’m always fascinated that some things as tender as a seedling is can make it through freezing temperatures and survive. I would never have known that some things would do that here if I hadn’t talked to another gardener at a plant sale years ago. I pray you have a good week. 🙂


  1. Our day was anything but winter like —oddly like a warm spring day.
    I spent the majority of it in Atlanta attending a funeral of a friend’s mother–at the Jewish Temple–sitting there I marveled at the differences as well as unifying facets of each of our faiths—
    I have always felt very strongly about the link Christianity has to Judaism ,as our roots lay deeply embedded in the history of that ancient faith—as Jesus was a most devout Jew—but yet is that not the very piece of irony to our two faiths— Jesus himself—our hope, our savior, our redeemer.
    So today is indeed a day to sing praise— in both life and in death— even as this year draws nigh—thank you for always reminding us of the gift from our Father above–
    Hugs and love—cookie


  2. Hello Natalie! You give us another good one. I like it. December is a special month, indeed, when we prepare and also receive the greatest man who ever lived; and who is also the messiah. May all those who prepare to welcome the Lord be richly blessed. In a special way may you be blessed dear friend, and sister in Christ!


  3. Beautiful post as always. December is already rushing by. People are getting worked about Christmas already. The parties are starting, the drinking has started. So it is nice to read your post to bring some peace and serenity back to me. 😀


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