754. It took a lone assent of self to get back up… ~Julie Cook (https://cookiecrumbstoliveby.wordpress.com/about/)

A voice beneath the surface
Echoes into my
Inner being
Inner heart
Inner mind
Blessing me
Strength to arise

Screen shot 2015-06-02 at 3.27.54 PM

We are more than what people see on the surface. We are narratives, stories that make us who and what we are. And the stories are ripe with sorrows and joys, defeats and victories, love and loss, suffering and wellness–all those things each of us must face in life. And like my friend, Virginia, says “when you shed light on your past and how it affected you, it illustrates the transition that occurred to mold you into the person you are today.” So here I go with the next installment in my little story.

After being stuck in limbo the first semester of my sophomore year, I eventually found the strength to rise, albeit on wobbly and unsure legs at times, and I began the “lone assent of self” back into the mainstream of life. It was the summer of ‘62 and I had decided to continue working half a day for the Dean of Women as well as get a couple of courses out of the way in summer school. Since I only worked in the afternoons, I had some time on my hands after my morning classes were over, and what better place to go than the student center where food and friends awaited a hungry “climber.” The living was easy that summer and life was good. I had met some new friends who were teaching me to play bridge. And soon Keith, Danny, and I were playing bridge well enough to play in competition, and that summer would become one of the most memorable ones of my life.

…weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes in the morning. ~Psalm 30:5 ✝

**Image of old French, 1902 calendar page via Pinterest

10 thoughts on “754. It took a lone assent of self to get back up… ~Julie Cook (https://cookiecrumbstoliveby.wordpress.com/about/)

  1. I am humbled you quoted–my heavens!!!
    I’m loving the story as so much of me is in your story–as so much of you is in mine—funny how that it. . .
    Long week already back and forth to Dads’—troubles there—but waiting on some lab work—if it’s 1 it’s 20. . .
    I’m just looking forward to your sharing of your trip once you return home 🙂
    tuckered cookie—

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    • It was a fabulous line and needed to be repeated. I keep telling how what you say leaves me speechless and that you need to be published, missy!!!! It is funny that our stories are very similar. Oh, Julie, I’m so sorry that there is trouble at your dad’s and that you are having to go back and forth so often. I’ll be sharing my trip along the way on facebook and via texts while we are there and then more when I get home. Get some rest my little tuckered Cookie! Love you, N 🙂 ❤


  2. There is nothing boring about some one’s story. It helps those who read to find perhaps a way from the depths of their own despair. Keep it going Nat, I’m anxious to see the next chapter.

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