782. Paris is a huge city, and two elderly folk can only walk so far…

The taxis decided to strike today, and we have been limited to the areas around our hotel. The next bridge north of the Pont de L’Alma had hundreds of love locks on it, and so my photos today are of some of those. I pray all of you are well!

May the Lord bless you and keep you always. -Numbers 6:24

23 thoughts on “782. Paris is a huge city, and two elderly folk can only walk so far…

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    Sweet Natalie touched my ~ღ so beautiful so if elderly cannot walk that far maybe we should sit with them and glean! My favorite thing…oh the stories you hear when you sit awhile! This reminds me of my Pa….I loved to sit awhile with him he was quite the storyteller! ~ღ

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  2. got to love the strikes—one happened once when I was visiting Rome—ended up walking 5 miles to my hotel—but a good way to truly see the city—I have read where Paris has decided to cut the locks as they are causing stress to the bridges—you and james just need to lock yourselves to the bridge, as in a protest to stay in the city of lights and of your dreams 🙂
    have a macron for me 🙂

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  3. Hope the strike gets resolved soon, is there a Metro nearby your hotel? Thank you for your sharing. Paris is such a wonderful city, steeped in history and historical buildings. I hope you get to see more or this extraordinary city. – Carol

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  4. I just heard the bridge had to cut the locks off due to their weight and the bridge was going to collapse. I love the idea of the Love locks, Natslie. Hope they dtsbilizevthe brifge so they wont have to cut them off.
    I have loved every post I have had a chance to read. Sorry to hear of taxi strike and knowing you cannot walk far makes me sad. Praying for a solution, Natalie!
    Did you get to see the love letters put into a wall?They are written to Juliet. Ladies answer them in hand written letters back to them, Natalie. They were from a movie called “Letters to Juliet.”

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    • I was not trying to like my own comment. Sorry about the message. The words looked clear then posted comment and “stabilize” in the sentence about the bridge changed to gobbledygook! Blogging on a tiny keyboard on a cell phone. Hope your situation improves in transportation, Natalie. Hugs, Robin

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    • They have been cutting them off, but apparently they keep being put back on and spreading to other bridges than the original first one or two. We didn’t get to Verona, Italy where the love letters are put in the wall, but my daughter and her family did. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤


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