783. Imagine if you will chocolate covered cherries…

with the very best chocolate and  cherries you have EVER had. Now imagine that same taste morphing into to-die-for chocolate ice cream with those fabulous cherries and topped with chantilly whipped cream, and you will know what to order at the bistro where we ate today. And just so you know what it should look like when it’s served, et voila, check out the photo above. This thing was so unfreakingbelievably FABULOUS!!! Je t’aime Paris!!! Mais, now to nap before the twilight dinner cruise along the Seine. Au revoirr, mes amis!

God is sooooooo good!

13 thoughts on “783. Imagine if you will chocolate covered cherries…

  1. OOOOOooooo what is the bistro????—this brings back some tasty memories!!
    Let Natalie eat her cake, and ice-cream and macaroons, and chocolate and Chantilly cream! So proclaimed that silly Marie 🙂
    hugs and love a hot little cookie 🙂

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    • Oh I thought I took a picture of it but I can’t find it on my camera now. But it was just behind Notre Dame and past the Hotel Dieu. We just got in from the Laduree on the Champs Élysées. Dang those macaroons are sooooooo good!


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