804. I think perhaps it will be a bit longer before I can do as a I promised last night…


Now that the adrenaline has stopped flowing and my aged body has fully realized the effects of jet lag, the loss of sleep on several occasions, and all the walking, climbing, and doing in the heat of the last 16 days, I can do little else at the moment but sleep and eat and sit. I have, however, managed to make progress on the unpacking, the dirty laundry, and the downloading of nearly 4000 photos. Unfortunately though it looks like it will be several more days before I’m able to read all your posts and make comments. In the meantime, I pray all continues to be well with you. Love, Natalie

But now the Lord my God has given me rest on every side, and there is no adversary or disaster. ~Kings 5:4 ✝

**I found this gorgeous rose in a Flower Market in Paris just down the street from Notre Dame.

30 thoughts on “804. I think perhaps it will be a bit longer before I can do as a I promised last night…

  1. It can take quite a few days. I usually need at least 4 days until I’m ok after returning from Europe. Beautiful picture, I would imagine you have plenty of something special. Welcome home and take it easy!

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  2. Wonderful flower, and I have missed I am sure many wonderful posts this June and July… as I have not been on WP as often.. Jet lag can take some time to catch up with.. So nurture yourself a little more..
    Love and Blessings your way Natalie..
    Sue x

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