Prayer is…

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 10.34.38 PM.pngNight night everyone. I pray you rest well and awaken ready to face a new week and anohter chance to pursue you dreams.

**Monarda image taken by Natalie; text written by Natalie

13 thoughts on “Prayer is…

    • I would love to help you find it‼️ The enemy does everything he can to steal our faith Helen because he wants our souls. And for me personally I would rather fight to keep it than to let him have it. I’ve not endured all this pain to let him win!!! Scripture tells us the apostle Paul suffered from some malady that he had asked the Lord over and over again to take away to no avail. And yet he went on to be the greatest evangelist the world has ever known. I’m certainly not capable of that but I’d rather serve the One who suffered and died on that cross for me than the father of lies who wants nothing more than to take me down with him. I don’t have all the answers but I’m willing to listen and share my thoughts anytime‼️ I admire your fortitude and honesty❣😘

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