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Susan Irene Fox


While praying for the President

I also pray for those in need,

whose hopes have long ago been spent

on unkept promises decreed.

Christ said care for the least of these;

yes, even if they’re enemies.

For orphans, foreigners who mourn,

my God I pray our country aims

to care for those to whom I’m sworn

instead of rashly casting blame.

You told us to put others first;

to do that, let our grace emerge.

Oh Lord, please unify and reach

all those in power; open minds.

Let hearts invite – please, I beseech –

so shelter, food the least will find

along with safety, friendly eyes.

Please give us hearts to empathize.

And God, I pray for one more thing;

please give me strength to spread your light;

please lift me high upon Your wing

to speak of Your great love’s delight.

Allow Your grace to show…

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