Wow, wow, and double wow! What an amazing post this is. If you want your day to be truly blessed, please go Susan’s original post and watch the video! Why oh why do stories like this one never make it into the mainstream media???

Susan Irene Fox


While praying for the President

I also pray for those in need,

whose hopes have long ago been spent

on unkept promises decreed.

Christ said care for the least of these;

yes, even if they’re enemies.

For orphans, foreigners who mourn,

my God I pray our country aims

to care for those to whom I’m sworn

instead of rashly casting blame.

You told us to put others first;

to do that, let our grace emerge.

Oh Lord, please unify and reach

all those in power; open minds.

Let hearts invite – please, I beseech –

so shelter, food the least will find

along with safety, friendly eyes.

Please give us hearts to empathize.

And God, I pray for one more thing;

please give me strength to spread your light;

please lift me high upon Your wing

to speak of Your great love’s delight.

Allow Your grace to show…

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6 thoughts on “Praying

  1. What an amazing talent in addition to his story. Soon as he started singing Imagine, the tears started rolling… Thanks for sharing that Natalie. I hope you have been feeling better. I have been meaning to ask you.

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    • Same here Amy and you’re welcome‼️ I’ve had a rough week but I think I found the problem! I’m gonna have to start reading food labels again as I’ve been eating some things with migraine triggers and was unaware they were in them. Now that I know I hope to have a better week. Thanks for asking❣️😘

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      • It is amazing how food can effect us. I had a friend who would get migraines and when she took Excedrin they would go away. It turns it hers were related to caffeine withdrawal and Exedrin has caffeine, so it would help solely for that reason. She was never able to wean herself off coffee. I guess there are worse things, right? I’m glad you’re feeling better.

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