You will see…

Yes indeed, seeing is such an quintessential requisite to being able to put up a blog post. I just realized that I have already put this quote up with a different image. But to make a point, I’m going to go ahead and post it again with this one, which by the way I actually liked better. I’m having a problem seeing this evening because I had my annual eye check up late this afternoon, and the dilation still has yet to wear substantially off. So as a result it is currently very difficult for me to see clearly, not only the screen but also the keyboard. And for some strange reason, it also seems to be affecting my fingers and therefore my ability to type correctly. So if you find any errors or flubs in my words and/or comments, please forgive a pair of aging, dilated eyes and strangely inept fingers. And should I have inadvertently done or said anything insulting or offensive, please feel free to extract a pound of flesh, and I will be happy to grovel and apologize.

Screen Shot 2017-02-04 at 3.56.51 PM.png
**Image found on Pixabay; text image via Quote App; collage by Natalie


14 thoughts on “You will see…

  1. These words combined with the golden light and the lonely boat take my breath away because I wish to send the message back in time to myself. I can just say that it is true for anyone who is struggling: Don’t lose hope.

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