Stop, be still…

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Stop, be still, and listen.
Let go the rush and noise,
And wait patiently before God, the Father.
Let the busyness of the body rest;
Let the worries of the mind rest;
Let the doubts of the heart rest;
Hear God’s call to holiness.
Open the deep places of the heart, O God,
And allow the Holy Spirit to change
Busyness into peace,
Worry into trust,
Doubt into hope.
O Lord, in the stillness of this moment,
May help us repent our trespasses for
They are not right and do not serve you.
Helps us then acknowledge the Spirit’s nudges
That tells us when, where, and what to change.
And as we enter Lent, the holy season
Of reflection and refocus, help us to walk
The way of the Cross together,
And move forward without fear into
Achieving your eternal and sacred purposes.
~Edited prayer for Ash Wednesday
written by Christine Sine

**Image found on Pinterest; text added to it by Natalie

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