Times of Refreshing


20161023_172035.jpgOh God, how I need you now.

In this very moment of Divine will… I seek your face.

Forgive my faults and failures to glorify your holy name.

Forgive me… if my faith was not strong enough to do your will.

Forgive my ignorance, I know not what to do.

I tremble at my inadequacy to express myself to you.

So I resolve to trust… you know my heart because it is your dwelling place.

I gather myself and take off for the secret place.

The place where you meet with me and make me feel brand new.

It is there in your presence that you breath life into me.

I find peace… Shalom Shalom peace, not the peace this world has to offer!

I take your hand and we walk on together along the waters edge.

You remind of all creation… how you have your hand on every thing.

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