Why, why, why? For heaven’s sake why???

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Ya know, somebody needs to share an old adage with the “happiness engineers.” (Man, can that title be and often is such a oxymoron!) Here in Texas and elsewhere we have a good rule to live by and that is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Why do they keep making these changes that seem to be changes just for the sake of change. Now when one hits write, that little very nice feature on the left where drafts were stored and easily pulled up so they could be published, is GONE! And so now one has to go find them in WP Admin which begs the question why would anyone take a one step process and turn it into a two or three step process??? I may not be the smartest cookie in the world, but I think that it is a really (ok, let me see if I can say this kindly) unintelligent, totally unnecessary, and what the sam-hill were ya thinkin’ kind of change, ye old happiness engineers!

29 thoughts on “Why, why, why? For heaven’s sake why???

  1. I so agree. It seems like everytime you get used to something, they change it! Arrg! I think they follow the adage my Dad would say, “If it ain’t broke, keep messing with it, til it is!”
    Have a good weekend.

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  2. I agree, but have you noticed Natalie how a lot of Children want to keep changing what is around them, they always want bigger and better or more of everything, they are never satisfied and those who feel insecure are the same, yes if it works don’t Fix it.

    Have you also seen the Reader recently Natalie, chopped in half pictures, some out of focus or no picture and websites we have not chosen to follow have been added, what was a helpful guide and good to look at has been spoilt I don’t use it any more and other Bloggers have said the same.

    Blessings – Anne.

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