Pain is something…

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 11.24.03 PM.png
The mastering, however, usually comes after a certain amount of wallowing I think, at least it does for me. Well maybe it’s not wallowing per se, but at least I have to spend time in the well of sorrows until I can muster the courage and stamina to master the pain. And for chronic sufferers such as I, I don’t think we really ever master it as much as we eventually learn how to cope with it again and again and again.

**Ranunculus photo taken by Natalie; text box via Quotes App; collage created by Natalie

41 thoughts on “Pain is something…

  1. Wow N this is beautiful and true. I’ve never had pain like that till I broken my back last year. Now I spend most of my days trying to ease the pain. I do think resting and building strength is important to healing and getting strong at least for me. I agree with you. Lovely photo 💛🌼

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  2. We are human and designed to pay attention to acute pain, so a little wallowing is understandable. I can only imagine what it’s like to cope with the kind of chronic pain you’ve described, but coping again and again and again seems to capture the essence of it. I wish and pray for you to have more moments of successful coping, comfort and positive distraction. ❤

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