10 thoughts on “It takes courage…

  1. So beautiful… I couldn´t agree more. And it could take us ages to figure out who we are… I appreciate Authenticity above all. It is sad when you see people you “respect” desperetely trying to fit in. I could understand that in teenagers, but not when you are an adult…. 😉 Love & best wishes, dear Natalie ⭐ ❤

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    • Yes it does take awhile to figure it all out. But what’s odd is that I had a pretty good grip on it early on and then came adolescence, the game changer for awhile! And then slowly but surely the me I knew began to bubble up from inside as it were!
      And it felt like being home and I comfortable in my own skin again. With me it wasn’t so much trying to fit it and be what others thought I should be it was more of a withdrawal so that others couldn’t hurt me if that makes any sense. And I hope this doesn’t sound arrogant or egotistical, but I like who and what I am, at least most of the time for there is always room for improvement! I would have guessed that you are very authentic and true to self, Aquileana and I admire and respect that❣️😘🌹

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