1375. Faith in God includes faith in His timing. ~Neal A. Maxwell

It’s all about believing.
You don’t know how it will happen,
but you know it will.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 9.37.11 PM.png

Every morning when I was a girl
my mother would wake me with song,
the same lilting lyric
every dawn,

It’s going to be such a lovely day,
good morning, good morning I say.

It sounds too grand to call it ceremony,
and she would have appeared
an unlikely celebrant
in her bathrobe and slippers,
but she infused this daily ritual with prayer

and to this day I wake
certain that the world
will have beauty in it
and certain that I will find it—
this the most beautiful gift
any mother could give.
~Rosemary Wahtola Trommer

Now faith is confidence in what we have hope and assurance about what we do not see. ~Hebrews 11:1  ✝

**Hollyhock photo taken in her yard today by Natalie

8 thoughts on “1375. Faith in God includes faith in His timing. ~Neal A. Maxwell

  1. Timing is everything or so the saying goes. We don’t need to pray for patience since we may just get an extra dose of trials. Gratitude and waiting on our Lord takes maturity, Natalie. I try to give my problems and prayer lists over to Him. Hugs xo ❤

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  2. my mother never woke me singing…which was a good thing as poor mother couldn’t carry a tune…and the funny thing is, nor can I…but sing we both did—just not to wake anyone as that would have been an unsettling waking 🙂
    Better for the mid day when one’s constitution was stronger 🙂

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