Shall she not…

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Mr. Stevens refers to a being in his poem that he calls Divinity and refers to this entity as an earthly she and her which implies that he may not believe as I do that the only Divine Being is Yahweh, the Maker of Heaven and Earth. However the poem does contain exquisite lines that could easily be accurate descriptions of the Lord God Almighty’s holiness and His unequaled power.  Therefore after deliberating, I’ve decided to view it as poetic license and go ahead and share it with this disclaimer acknowledging no other Divine Being other than Yahweh, the Ancient of Days.

**Butterflies image via Pixabay; text added by Natalie

14 thoughts on “Shall she not…

  1. Beautiful, rich, and complex. I’m reminded of this hymn: For the beauty of the earth, sing o sing today. Of our skies and of our birth, sing o sing always. Nature human and divine all around us lies. Lord of all to thee we raise grateful hymns of praise. Maybe divinity is all around us, and it all comes from Yahweh.

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  2. Beautiful, Natalie! xo 💖 💐
    Hope all is going well with you, dear.
    My oldest daughter at age 37 got married on 7/7/17. 💕
    She had been left a week before a major wedding several years ago. (I have the $1000 + dresses in my closet.)
    This fine young man is going to adopt Micah. 💞


    • Awwww bless her heart! I’m so glad she found someone true to his promise and hope they live happily ever after❣️ And I’m so glad the man is going to adopt Micah! Blessings to all of you missy‼️❌⭕️😘


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