Childhood lasts all…

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 8.50.36 PM.png

Childhood lasts all through life. It returns to animate broad sections of adult life… Poets will help us to find this living childhood within us, this permanent, durable immobile world. ~Gaston Bachelard

**Image found on Pinterest

11 thoughts on “Childhood lasts all…

  1. This was such a special photo and I love looking at life through the lens of children. Childhood is a magical place in my heart. It is my “core,” Natalie. God is my leader while my parents were my guides. 🙏 ❤ xo

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  2. I do love the picture and the thought. We hope we retain some of the child’s thoughts and appreciation but many times it doesn’t happen for one reason or another and then life must deal with a grouch who is sometimes also mean. That is another story, a sad one.

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