In shadows

Peace, Love and Patchouli

In the flicker of movement
caught in the spaces where shadows reside
light filters in to seek us
dreamers standing in summer breezes
paying homage to the end of days.
We hear the whisper of crossing winds
swaying palms like native skirts dancing
back and forth hypnotize
mesmerize our minds in this quiet
where peace slips in
and we find the awareness
of everything and anything
within and without.
We escape into the darkness,
journeymen taking steps
following the prints found
from those who came before
and I wonder do those who fell behind
seek out the newest indentation,
wondering who came before them
and round the cycle goes
beach walkers lost in thought
as the waves move in and out.
The ocean
exhaling as we step within
brushes our toes with its watery breath
caressing us in its motion
as we sink down in
feeling the tiny shells and…

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“I lift my eyes”


I lift my eyes

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


We need to open our eyes and find the good in each day.


                                I lift my eyes.

Barren cold and heartless world.
Fear had tarnish laughter and opportunity for friendship.

People surviving like the living dead.
Few glimpses of emotion.
People looking forward and blinded to the people around them.

We have become ghosts and alone.
Once love was the reward of a good life.
Now loneliness and separation is okay.
“One is a lonely number.”

I tell people.
Lift your eyes.
Reach for the sky.
Watch the beauty of the clouds and the sun.
Put your feet in the running river.
Sing and dance with strangers.
Nothing is lost.  If nothing is gained.

A locked door.
Allowed no-one in.
One day we will wished we open the door.
Danced a thousand dances. Had a million sweet kisses tasted.

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The city.

Rhythm In Life

dark-2574343_1920Cruel space

Upon a lost “soul” amidst

A “hunting” crowd

Filled with noise

From loud voices scattered in the air

Like bad perfume



Are the well composed

Beings posed in well

Pressed shirts and dresses

With neckties to match their distress

As they

sway from Street to street


The air is heavy

I can barely breathe

Without thinking

Of the vast bold air that linger 

On the open prairie

Of home


City lights shine

Upon sleepless beings

Headed every where

Or no where

They shine on me too

As I make my way 

Back to the lights under the moon

Far outback.

Susan McMillan

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