1402. The whole world…

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I’m praising God over and over again tonight for finding me and drawing me to Himself. He has shown me over and over, and most undeservedly I might add, grace upon grace upon grace…  Two weeks ago I prayed that the melanoma on James’s head would be successfully removed and that it would not have metastasized and my prayers were answered. And again this week I had a couple of worrisome health issues for a few days and He has answered my prayers once more because the biopsy I had to have yesterday showed that the tissue they removed was benign and what I feared was a re-occurring neuropathic ulcer on the bottom of my big toe was as of now only a hemorrhagic callus that hopefully the doctor and I can keep from becoming another ulcer like the last one that took months to completely heal. So God as always is AMAZINGLY good and faithful and worthy of all my praise. Thank you Jesus, Lord of all! I adore you and you are always more than welcome here and in my world.

**Image found on Pinterest; text written and added by Natalie