Sickness is my latest Paramore

She is more attentive

Less fickle

She sticks like late season honey to the insides of my fever dream

A purple moth with nectarine probiscis

She hears my chest rise and fall

Like carefully tilted chess pieces

Will release balance and find

Greater purchase in uneven defeat


I remain undefeated

As if by whim

A last horrah

Like a Rosy cheeked girl with retrouse buttocks

Tips her mirth at the crowd

Who in unisen rise

Fat, thin, butter fingered and pianist

To cheer her abandon

As I turn my hot cheeks your way

Facing one another in the skeleton of dawn

I see your need of me

So insate and thundering

And though selfish mayhaps

I entreat

Pick another

I spent much time unraveling

Yet I remain

Stubborn and glassy eyed

A drunk patient of witchery

Somebody without many pockets

Containing Combs and honey

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Today, the tiniest gesture —



Today, the tiniest gesture — a smile, a gentle look, a simple pat on the arm, a soft word — can change a person’s life.
Before this very day is out, you are going to have a chance to live in that possibility.
See what this day brings you.
And be ready.
Someone is waiting for that smile, that look, that gesture from you.

Text & image source: Welcome Home

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Poetry is the…

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 11.17.58 PM.png
The bud will provide the pleasure
and the seed casing to the right holds
the truth of God’s word in that
Creation will be reborn again and again1
Poetry is life! God is good! Enjoy!

**Photo taken by Natalie; text image found on the Internet;
collage by Natalie


Poetry is an…

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 11.15.17 PM.png
I love to dance with shadows, don’t you?
Life is poetry!
It has a poetic song
which is a beautiful a waltz!
So dance with life in both shadows and light!

**Photo taken by Natalie; text box via Pinterest;
collage created by Natalie

Poetry is a…

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 11.26.27 PM.png
This Angel’s Trumpet has a lovely musical voice,
but it is not just a matter of language!
It is life! It is beauty! It is poetry!
Savor the poetries of life!

**Photo taken by Natalie; text image via the Internet;
collage created by Natalie