Poetry is the…

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 11.17.58 PM.png
The bud will provide the pleasure
and the seed casing to the right holds
the truth of God’s word in that
Creation will be reborn again and again1
Poetry is life! God is good! Enjoy!

**Photo taken by Natalie; text image found on the Internet;
collage by Natalie


15 thoughts on “Poetry is the…

  1. You are a miracle to this world because you send such positivity and love into the world and great encouragement to people. You have helped me more than you know with your kind words and your blog. It brightens my day and night to read your
    Posts because they always have a beautiful message. Your family is so blessed to have such a incredible woman in their lives. I know I am so grateful to have met you sweet Natalie I am only 26 still learning life. But, you have taught so much in a short amount of time. I have scoliosis, anxiety, depression and OCD and you have helped me to stay faithful in hope and God and also you’ve encouraged me to see the good in myself and life. And for that
    I just wanted to say thank you may God bless you and keep you. I love you.

    Lord I ask in Jesus name may you watch over Natalie
    Keep her spirit uplifted and her heart filled with comfort
    Lord I ask that you heal away her pain
    May you bless her and her family may they all have wonderful birthdays this month
    Father I want to thank you for this lovely soul
    In Jesus name Amen

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    • Well this brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much for such lovely compliments! I so appreciate the petitions to the Lord to watch over me and I pray that He do the same for you. I’m blessed in so many ways but if I have in fact helped you as you say, then that is a huge blessing and fulfills what I believe to be my purpose in life. You have so much to offer the world dear sweet Morgan and I pray that you stay on course and become all that the Lord has created you to be. I will be 75 years old next Tuesday and survived a stroke nearly 5 years ago three weeks after my 70th birthday. I knew then and I know now that the Lord spared me for a purpose, and I pray that I don’t let Him down. I am human and make mistakes that I’m sure He wishes I wouldn’t, but then He forgives us when we ask and I ask frequently. Love, no matter what we are or aren’t, with what we are afflicted or not, or what has happened or not happened in the past, we can walk away from that at any time, let it go, and move on and become all that we were created to be. The world tries to bring us down but always remember that He who dwells within us is more powerful and He has already defeated the greatest enemy of all. You are the apple of your Father’s eye, and He will watch after you always. I memorized the 23 psalm years ago and whenever I become worried or fearful it is one of the first thngs I begin speaking to myself. You have a heart like my daughter’s who is one of the most loving people I have ever known.
      And truth be known, it was she who saved her mother from an insidious cynicism that had begun growing like a cancer in her 30’s.
      She has truly been one of the greatest teachers in my life. She loves the Lord and serves Him in so many ways. But she too has had some rough roads to travel along the way of her growning and maturing, however we all have in this life. And when we have too, she leans on me for strength and hope and I lean on her for strength and hope. I love you Morgan and wish all the best for you in life and know that you have it in you to do great things. You are precious to me and keep me uplifted as well. Soft hugs, blessings, and love, N 🙂 ❤ xoxoxoxoxoxo

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