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    • Hi sweetie. I’ve missed you too and have been worried that all was not well. Honey, I had let so much go around here that I just had to stop and do laundry and clean up my sewing room and hang up clothes that I had just thrown on my daughter’s bed in her old room. I need a day to sleep in as long as I want soon and so I just kept telling myself if I got it all done today, I could make that happen tomorrow. My feet are killing me now and my head is hurting but that’s nothing new. I have a little more to do but I am so looking forward to it being all done and having tomorrow all to myself to do nothing but what I please. I may not even get out of my jammies all day. I do hope you are feeling better soon. 🙂 ❤ xoxoxox

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      • Oh Natalie you are sweet person thank you for caring. But, I pray in Jesus name Lord I give you tanks for your awesome glory and power. Father I believe that you are healer and that you have authority over all things. Lord I ask right now that you heal Natalie. Take away her pain and give her comfort and allow her to get a sleep tonight.
        Lord God may your hand be over her and fill her body with your Holy Spirit. I bind all physical pain and illness that tries to come against your child. Lord I pray that your blood covers Natalie from the top of her to the bottom of her feet.
        Father I stand in your word believing and trusting in young that you will heal her Lord.
        Father I thank you and I love you Amen.
        Soft hugs love you Natalie I hope you feel better and can enjoy your night

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