My kind of Halloween!



Halloween is a classic example of “different strokes for different folks”!

Some Christian communities celebrate it as the feast of All Hallows’ Day: the beginning of the time (Allhallowtide) dedicated to remembering the dead particularly, the saints, martyrs and departed faithful.

On the pagan divide, Halloween is the witches’ New Year, the week of Samhain; a special time in the year when the living and the dead can easily reach out to each other, and a time for change and rebirth! To them, October 31 is the ideal time to consult the spirit world; the Night of Magic! Rituals and special exercises are prescribed to facilitate the process!

For the secular society, Halloween is simply another time for fun and commerce! A time for scary costume parties, playing pranks, guising, jack- o’- lanterns and other forms of weird entertainments.

In all these and other numerous observances, the discerning mind looks…

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2 thoughts on “My kind of Halloween!

  1. No matter what connotation man has put on this day, it still is a day that God made. It is our free will, also from God, that allows the different ways of celebrating. ❤

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