9 thoughts on “I would define…

  1. I agree.
    Hi lovely Natalie how are you?
    I am ok not feeling so good I have a ear infection that has spread to my nose and throat so I am taking Medicare to get rid of it. My ears ache and I am tired and feeling sick. But, other than that I am ok.
    What about you how have you been what you up to?

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    • Oh no! I’m so sorry you are feeling poor! I pray you are much better very soon❣️ I’m good. My feet have been bad the last two days. But that’s nothing new! Today turned out to be a very busy day. Some things I had ordered came in the mail today and assembly was required. But I love both and they solved some problem areas in the house. And it was hot again today. Summer just won’t completely let go it’s hold on us yet sadly. But that’s nothing new either. As always it’s good to hear from you love!!! Hugs and blessings galore❤️❤️xoxoxo

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      • Thanks Natalie. I hope your feet start to feel better, i don’t wish pain on anyone. As far as summer it is gone where I am. It is pretty cold here. Wichita means coffee time for me. I pray you feel better and sleep well tonight. Soft hugs and blessings to you. Try to take it easy busy bee Natalie you are a delight to this world.

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      • You’re welcome sweetie pie! It wasn’t summer today. We had a blustery north wind and it’s 48 now. That’s how it goes here it seems. Do stay warm love for indeed you live in a colder place. I hope your anxiety diminishes soon love and that you can gets some peaceful rest!!!❤️❤️❤️xoxoxo xoxox

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      • Oh goodness you got some cold weather your way.i love winter mainly because of the holiday season. But, I also don’t like it because I get sick very easy. But, I am keeping warm still taking my meds to get rid of the bad ear infection.

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