10 thoughts on “Goodbye November…

  1. I was wearing shorts yesterday cleaning house—that’s how un November it has been.
    We moved all the “tender” potted plants to the basement about a week ago as we had one night below freezing…then the next day, I pushed them all back out the basement door and they’re still there as it’s been “balmy”—they say next week we’ll cool off—but we shall see—so it’s hard to think we’ve now moved into December….
    I bought a Farmers Almanac the other day, first time I use to make mother get one when I was a kid—and I’ve read the extended forecast and they are saying a colder January and February —and a warmer summer….just what I wanted to read…so we will see it we ever really have “winter”

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    • Gosh we have yet to have a freeze and I have to keep switching back forth from sweaters to shorts and tees. And more of the latter. And NO RAIN!!!! I don’t even want to think about a warmer summer! This weather is ridiculous for this late. 😱😡

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      • well—it’s still just a balmy as can be—more Springish I suppose—and I could be fine wearing shorts again today—but….they are telling up the jet stream will be dipping late next week—bringing in winter for a few days…..so all plants will be pulled / rolled back into the basement Wednesday for a few days while little winter comes and goes…then back out they’ll be until a little winter wants to pop back in….this certainly is not how winter use to be here—we actually wore sweaters and coats…..
        oh well….

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      • Maybe we should create 6th season of the year for places such as ours. We could have weak winter, short lived springtime, beastly hot and nearly endless summer, balmy sum/aut, iota autumn. This is how it has been here before but not in quite some time now. And I no likey at all. We still have flies here and probably a mosquito or two IF you could find water anywhere. It’s just so depressing…


  2. I’m beginning to wonder about this area. We are on the roller coaster of temps now, maybe it will settle into a cold period for our winter by January. Love your snow on here though. ❤ ❤ ❤

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