Our society strives…

Society might but I don’t! My God is the ANCIENT OF DAYS, YAHWEH, ADONAI, EL SHADAI, JESUS; whatever name He goes by I will always honor Him and praise Him! And now I come before Him to pray for the life of my brother-in-law who is again in the ER. Dick had heart transplant two years ago and last week he had to have a knee replacement. Sadly it has sent his new heart into a crisis and so again he’s fighting for his life and is in need of a miracle. Please help me pray that he gets it and that his health and wholeness is restored. In Jesus’ name! Amen!

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12 thoughts on “Our society strives…

  1. In Jesus name Lord I come to you with thanks.
    Father may you breathe healing into the body of Dick the brother in law of Natalie
    Lord may you to a away all sickness and pain
    Father may you cover him in the blood of Jesus and fill him with your word
    Lord I pray you keep him under your shadow and that you touch him with the righteousness of your right hand
    In Jesus name Amen

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