I am home…

The surgery went well. Now we wait for the pathology report. And we face something else that has turned up and muddies the waters of my life. But once again the Lord has found a way to speak to me and my fear will face the God I know in this valley I now walk.

53 thoughts on “I am home…

  1. Dearest Natalie, I was praying for different results but will still believe until I hear different! What wisdom and truth in how we complicate things in not focusing on today only. Since Dennis’s heart attack three years ago Satan bombards me with the thoughts of him dying. It cheats and robs me of enjoying him today . I have to continually confess my lack of trust and faith in Jesus and focus on HIM. I fall short so often but thank God for forgiveness!
    I can’t imagine what you’re going through. My heart hurts for you. You’re so precious in God’s sight! You’re precious to this old girl too! If you feel up to it call me and I’d love to sit and visit with you. I would be happy to come to you. In case you don’t have my number, I think you do. In case you don’t email me and I’ll send it. God bless your day and know I’m praying for better results than they predict! I love you my sister in Christ! Wanda

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    • Thank you Wanda! Let me get through these next hurdles and then I’ll give you a shout! Right now I’m just trying to focus on the Lord and His word and promises so I can face these difficult days with less fear and more trust! I know He’s walking with but Satan is bombarding with as well and I find by being quiet it feeds him less! Love you❣️😘xoxoxo


  2. Bonjour ou bonsoir NATALIES

    La vie a grand besoin de respect et d’amour
    Il faut savoir donner pour mériter de prendre
    Ce qui nous est offert et savoir aussi le rendre
    Nous traversons, souvent, pendant notre vie
    Des tortueux chemins qui viennent nous surprendre
    C’est alors qu’il nous faut ouvrir nos cœurs et tendre
    La main à nos amis pour leur dire bonjour

    Belle journée ou belle soirée

    Bisous Bernard


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