1451. A growing glimmer of light and hope…

God is in the hearts of all,
and they that seek
shall surely find Him
when they need Him most.
~Louisa May Alcott

James and I both loved the Oncologist, Dr. Pham. She explained everything so well and then based on the info below gave me two options for further treatment. I realize this is far more than any of you would want to know, but I didn’t know any other way to tell you of the findings and recommendations of the oncologist, and my choice of treatment.

Characteristics of my Cancer:
1) Stage; 1A
2) Grade: 2 on a scale of 1-3
3) Estrogen and Progesterone Receptors: ER+ PR-
4) Rate my cancer grows on a scale of 0% to a 100%: 5-10% (low)
5) Her-2-Neu: +

**Cancers that are ER+ may or may NOT benefit from chemotherapy

Option 1: low dose chemo + antibodies that target the Her-2-neu (this would require a port and the chemo would be injected once a week for 12 weeks and the antibodies would go on every 3 weeks after that for the rest of a year. Some side effects would be fatigue, infection, hair loss, etc. Possibility of clots from inserted port.

Option 2: Endocrine therapy: 1 pill once a day for 5 years. Possible side effects: Menopausal symptoms

As for the nodules in my lungs she is 90% sure there is no cancer there but she will obtain my results from 2012, when they were first noticed while I was having a stroke and compare them with the results from last week’s PET Scan. This may take about 2 weeks. If at that time she sees something worrisome which she does not expect to find, she will do a biopsy. In the mean time, I am NOT to worry or even think about it.

Important things we had to consider when making the decision about which option to choose: my age, my health issues, my exercise regimen, and especially the fact that it was stage 1A cancer, my estrogen reception is ER+, and that the cancer’s growth rate was only 5-10% aggressive. Option 1 would lower the risk of the cancer repeating to 5%. Option 2 would lower it to 20%. Option 1 would further compromise an already altered quality of life situation. Option 2 would probably not.

So, James and I agreed to go now with Option 2 knowing that I will continue to be closely monitored and can go with Option 1 at anytime it becomes imperative or simply a better option.

Again thanks for all the prayers, well wishes, and healing thoughts. They DO make a difference. Love, Natalie

**The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. ~Excerpt from Zephaniah 3:17 ✝

45 thoughts on “1451. A growing glimmer of light and hope…

  1. Thanks for sharing this update with us, Natelie. These are difficult decisions that only you can make. Luckily you had good information and James to support you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, with best wishes for your future.

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  2. Thank you for letting us know Natalie. Sounds like you have a plan set. I bet it helped to type this all out too. Put it in order clearly for you to understand and review. Prayers dear neighbor, here and OK, for you and James.

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  3. This is not more than we want to know. Thank you for sharing the details. I’m so glad you have a good doctor. She sounds very reasonable. And of course James. Prayers continue for healing and much love. ❤

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  4. This is your safe, loving space to share and no, it’s not too much detail. Thank goodness for James and an empathetic and clear oncologist, both supporting you to make an informed decision. Each time I think of you Natalie, I feel your beautiful garden, family quilts and creativity and most of all I feel love. You are wrapped in love. xXx ❤

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  5. Dearest Natalie, So glad to hear from you! No, not too much info- I read every word. So comforting to know you and James like your doctor. I’m so glad she explained then listened to your concerns- so important. I’m so glad you have some peace now. Such a scary part of your journey. I loved what one of your friends wrote about being wrapped in love…..you are my friend and sister in Christ! You’re surrounded in love and prayers of all of us who love and cherish you. Tell James we love and pray for him too. So glad he loves and cares for you! Thank you for keeping us updated on this! I love you! ❤️😘🙏

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  6. My dear sweet Natalie. No diagnosis of cancer is good, but, I understand stage 1A is curable, and I will keep praying and lighting the candle for you, my friend.
    I had a rough week with some side effects, however, today I have some energy and feel a bit better. I draw strength from all the prayers and support from you and many others.
    Thank you for posting your diagnosis, it sounds like your oncologist has a good handle on it Keep well my friend and keep in touch when you can. Bless you. xoxo

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