14 thoughts on “God is not…

  1. Oh my God thanks for following my blog! I was in the midst of writing my latest post and your notification came in.

    Emotionally drained later, after having to write about my store, I clicked on your blog.

    I reviewed many quotes that resonate with me. The first one, describes where I feel I am today, stated very eloquently.

    I appreciate you

    Kevy Michael’s

    “When a man’s intellect is constantly with God, his desire grows beyond all measure into an intense longing for God and his incensiveness is completely transformed into divine love. For by continual participation in the divine radiance his intellect becomes totally filled with light; and when it has reintegrated its passible aspect, it redirects this aspect towards God, as we have said, filling it with an incomprehensible and intense longing for Him and with unceasing love, thus drawing it entirely away from worldly things to the divine.” – St. Maximos the Confessor

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    • My pleasure Kevy! For what it’s worth, I ended up being my mother’s sole caregiver at end of her life even though I have two younger sisters. Bitterness and betrayal ensued in ways I never would have imagined possible as we had always been a close knit family. But I honored my mother’s requests and choices until the day she died as we are commanded to do in Scripture. I also relinquished part of my inheritance just to square up what the younger siblings thought was an unfair loss in the sale of mom’s house even though my lawyer, husband, and close friends argued against my doing it. And then I decided to leave all retribution and judgment in the Lord’s hands after it was all over for Scripture also says vengeance is mine(God’s). So I sleep well at night and have no regrets. Can’t say the same for the Judas’! God has far more power and wisdom than we do in handling such egregious offenses. Blessings, Natalie😊❤️

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      • I’m enjoying the freedom of living without guilt and in trusting the Lord to be my vindicator. I’ve recently been diagnosed with breast cancer which was caught very early because I heeded the holy spirit’s nudgings to go get a mammogram that I’d been putting off for 5 years. So they’ve done a lumpectomy and got it all! Now it seems as a result they may have found a small cancer in my lungs. Won’t know for sure about that until the next Cat-scan in mid August. In the meantime though it may be the Lord is granting me peace while I wait. Have a blessed Sunday! 😊❤️


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