Being unique in…

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This little tiger lily is mutated for some reason and yet it is still uniquely beautiful and worthy of praise. Remember to honor your own uniqueness and that it too is worthy of honor and praise.

**Photo taken in her yard by Natalie; text box added by Natalie

Hello and hallelujah…

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Hello and hallelujah! I’m miraculously back from my errant computer exile with WordPress, praise the Lord! I wish I could say the same about radiation treatments, but I still have 2 weeks and one day of those left to go. This is the second day without them because it’s the weekend, and I am feeling a little human again. And I know that the Lord is still present in the midst of this storm. Life is and has always been a series of hills and valleys, hills and valleys. and on and on that scenario goes. But if we lie down in the valley to wallow in self-pity and give up, we will never reach the next hill where there may yet be more of God’s gifts, more of His grace, and more His glories to behold. So upward and onward I shall go letting Him have his way with me in this latest valley experience. I pray all of you have a good week. Love, Natalie

**Photo taken in her yard by Natalie