My time, my dime…

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This is my blog upon which I post truths that I deem important and valid. I’m delighted when anyone enjoys what I put out there. And I am not offended if someone doesn’t like my posts or disagrees with what they have to say. However, in this sacred space of my little corner of the world, I am not obliged nor willing to be harassed or insulted or denigrated because of my beliefs. So should you not enjoy what I put out there, just stop reading my posts and/or following my site. We may be currently living in a world where hateful actions and rhetoric are the order of the day, but that buck stops at my door and in my blog’s comments. I’m 75 years old and battling cancer, so if you don’t like my peaches then don’t shake my tree. Just go away. ~Natalie

Sunday reflection . . . May every soul that touches mine…



“May every soul that touches mine – be it the slightest contact –
get there from some good; some little grace; one kindly thought;
one aspiration yet unfelt; one bit of courage for the darkening sky;
one gleam of faith to brave the thickening ills of life;
one glimpse of brighter skies beyond the gathering mists –
to make this life worthwhile.”

~George Eliot

Text & image source: Jana Eid

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