32 thoughts on “Sleep…

  1. My dear friend, Natalie. I will continue to pray for healing for you and that your tests come back with good news. I did have that test, as well cancer, had attacked one lymph node but the radiation and strong doses of Chemo for six weeks, it seemed to do the trick, once the radiation was complete after six weeks, the team then put me on Imunal Therapy a new form of chemo and it seems to be working well. I am scheduled for another PET Scan on August 27th and hopefully, the doctors will see an improvement and if so I will continue the Imunal therapy until next May and with luck and prayers that will be the end of my treatments I will just have to go for check-ups for a few years. I continue to keep you in my daily prayers and ask for a speedy recovery for you.
    As far as the fatigue that will come and go, take as many naps as you need, we will still be here. Bless you, my sweet friend. ♥♥♥♥

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