19 thoughts on “My dear, when…

  1. Was this Saint Francis or Aunt Francis, Natalie? Just checking since I like to save quotes! Hey, someone told me I needed to post where I get my quotes when I add it to my own photograph. Aren’t quotes found on public domain? Sorry to bother you and I don’t think this person is a follower of your blog. Thanks, dear friend! Love ya bunches and bunches! 🙂 🙂 xoxo

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  2. So True Natalie, anyway what is Normal ? they called Jesus Mad and they have done this with me too. Yes being different means being rejected by some or even hated and Jesus told us we would be when we follow Him and that means to also Stand up for His Truth.

    But of course being Normal in a Worldly way; like us always agreeing with everyone even those in error, might get us approval but just as Aunt Franci said it’s not a virtue, it shows weakness.

    Christian Love Natalie and God Bless you Now and Always – Anne.

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