The valley has…

gotten deeper and darker and the climb this week is steep and I’m weak. This is chemo week and my nausea this third time around is the worst it has been. My hemoglobin took another big drop down to 7.9, but the doc is not going to order a blood transfusion yet because after as many as I’ve had you begin to develop antibodies which makes it harder to find a match. So I can do very little blogging. I pray all is well with all of you and ask that you keep me in your prayers. Love and hugs, Natalie

31 thoughts on “The valley has…

  1. Dearest Nalatlie, my thoughts and prayers are with you each and every day… Upon the Solid Rock we stand–and stand we can because our dear Lord & Savior is with us every step of the way. ❤ Thanks for sharing even the hardest steps of your journey… ❤ XOXOXOXO…

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  2. Thank you for the update, Natalie. It’s a reminder again for us to pray for your strength and for wisdom to know how to deal with this illness. The most important you are doing: that is, hanging on the the Rock, Christ Jesus. I’m still loving the beauty you add to the blog world.

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