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  1. Just wrote this tonight and was thinking of you and a few others… just sending it to you no need to publish it… May you find in Him your strength….

    Knowing Jesus

    “Jesus answered and said to her,
    “If you had known the gift of God and who it is saying to you,
    ‘Give Me to drink,’ you would have asked Him,
    and He would have given to you living water”
    John 4:10

    It is in our coming to know Him wherein rises the prayer for the “living waters” of Christ Himself. It is here where the magnificence of Christ becomes the cry and the desire of our heart. He does not measure the gift of this living water, it flows in the abundance of His heart and His life. The measure of our partaking, our seeking and our asking will be in proportion to our knowing of the vitality of all that He is. He is the poured forth one; ever pouring out yet never running dry. His grace and mercy are as endless as the love which causes them to spring forth in the cascading wonders of His invigorating life. The greater the thirst of His own the deeper are the depths of His Supply.

    “…thy name is as ointment poured forth,
    therefore, do the virgins love thee.
    Draw me, we will run after thee…”
    Song of songs 1:3-4

    We see Him meeting the woman at the well and in the span of seven bits of conversation goes from a complete stranger to the revelation of Him being the Christ. While she tries to drag Him into irrelevant religious discussions; Jesus cuts through the chitchat of men’s doctrines and brings her to the seeing of God’s Heart. He beckons her to drink deeply and to be transformed by the miracle of pure life.

    The great test of His continued ministration to her came when He asked her to go get her husband. It is at that moment she stood on the precipice of His continued ministration to her. For He is ever looking for truth with which He can work with. It is the honest heart that draws from Him the waters and ministrations of life. She could have stayed within the confines of the hypocrite or she could venture into the land of truth where vulnerability and honesty lay. She chose the path of honesty and discovered this man to be nothing less than the Christ Himself.

    It is here where we find the grace of God to come and uncover ourselves, to open our hearts in the full disclosure of all that we are where we find a grace and a comfort beyond our comprehension. Honesty with men and with God will propel the true in heart into the very core of all that He is.

    Pretense and appearances will cloud our seeing of Him, will rob us of our secret place of prayer and communion with Him and will leave us unchanged and fettered by the bondage of self-deception.

    Christ calls out to the downtrodden, the burdened, and the faltering…

    “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden,
    and I will give you rest”
    Matthew 11:28

    His invitation goes out to all who are weary of self, the situations and the strife of the world around us. Come with an honest and open heart. Come and find in Him the power for transformation and change. Come to Him as you are to discover Him as He is. Let the opinions of men fade, be free from seeking approval of others and discover the joy of His Life becoming yours.

    The portals of prayer are open to the honest of heart, who live what they pray and through prayer find the ability to live. How good, gracious and pure is He to the pure in heart.

    Brian Troxel


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