171. Nature is to be found in her entirety nowhere more than in her smallest creatures. ~Pliny the Elder (Roman Scholar)

She sat down in a weed patch, her elbows on her knees ,
and kept her eyes on the small mysterious world of the ground.
In the shade and sun of grass blade forests,
small living things had their metropolis.
~Nancy Price, Website writer and poet


This writer is describing a kingdom that exists in probably every square foot of ground in any garden, and it is not a singular kingdom.  In and around blossoming things there’s yet another mysterious metropolis.  In it airborne living things yearn to “possess the sweet of every flower that blooms,” and so in that above-ground realm there really is a very simple equation: if there are no flowers there are no pollinators; if there are no pollinators there are no flowers.  One simply doesn’t exist without the other, at least for very long.  The hum or buzz of the pollinating agent and the flower’s blooming go hand in hand.   Together they dance the dance of life and commit their acts of love.  And so it is that different life forms as well as scripture “remind us that there are other voices, other rhythms, other strivings, and other fulfillments…”  How I’d love to hover over the petals of a rose, peer deep into its center, and then dive in to taste its “sweets” like the wasp on this bi-colored Scentimental rose.

God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding.  ~Job 37:5   ✝

14 thoughts on “171. Nature is to be found in her entirety nowhere more than in her smallest creatures. ~Pliny the Elder (Roman Scholar)

    • And again there are people who try to kill the “pests” as they call them. I’ve wandered into my flowerbeds when the bees are abuzz many times and have yet to get stung by one. Who’d have thought that when I stepped off the Metro in Paris last June and onto the Pont Alexandre bridge I’d get stung by one there. Oh well, it certainly didn’t ruin Paris for me and I’d been pushing my luck I suppose. Natalie 🙂


  1. Natalie, this rose picture is so strikingly beautiful! It is a joy to read your words about the little worlds within in our gardens. Creation needs us to respect the balance within it; we’re rewarded with healthy plants when we do.

    Blessings ~ Wendy


    • Thanks, Wendy, for the very kind words. Scentmental is a beauty and it smells so good. I love the “little” worlds of the garden too and they do in fact insure the health of the plant life. I hope you are having a great weekend. Blessings, Natalie


  2. Beautifully said, Natalie, nature with its wonders, the great ones and the teeny-weeny ones, is a constant source of delight and fascination for me. I get much more happiness out of nature than out of men, to be honest. Enjoy your weekend 🙂


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