La femme du tigre


6a0105356c398f970c0133ed4b470b970b-piA woman

may forget she is a woman

tear into another woman

becoming an ivory toothed tiger

when she has supped too long on the notion

she is without force unless she bites or rips the entrails

of those who may attack her first

and this woman

she does not understand yet

the color of doves and their cresting message

nor the many mistakes leading her to believe

she is a tiger in need of feeding on her sisters

those girls who should be under her awning

defiant beneath banded join

she forgets because she is afraid

she omits because she is scared

her time will come and others …

women who are also tigers

will eat her in juicy pieces with succulent delight

I tell this striped woman

put away your magnificent teeth

come and hold me high

together we are taller

we can clamber on each other’s shoulders

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When you cut…

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 10.57.10 PM.png
**Image found on Pinterest; border and special effects around the image
done by me on iPiccy; collage by me; timely text by Julie Cook

When you cut away
all the minutia of life…
all the pettiness,
the bitterness,
the anger,
the tantrums,
the selfishness,
the lies,
the hate,
the lunacy…
you will see what is truly important…
And that is simply living, as well as dying, and
most importantly the love that is t be found in
each of those functions.
~Julie Cook