25 thoughts on “Use what talent…

  1. I had a pastor once who told me God put both crows and canaries on this earth, therefore He deserved to hear both of them sing. He was in the process of convincing me I could stand up in front of God and everyone in church, play my guitar, and, gulp!, sing solo every Sunday and sometimes Saturday night. They were desparate for musicians at the time, and I didn’t ask which bird I was supposed to be. Did discover that I could sing soprano if I became frightened enough! I sang soprano a lot at first, lol. ❤ ❤

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      • Now, Natalie, as Joe told me, God invented crows as well as canaries. He really deserves to hear both sing! I had to overcome years of fear to actually do that, but found that the fear turned my alto into soprano on several occasions. Like the midnight Mass one Christmas! I usually can’t hit those high notes, but that year when the choir all stayed home, I had to do it. Actually, the flu was going around and the two people who showed up got so sick they had to leave. Guess what I got for Christmas that year! Unforgettable!!!!

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      • Ya know, I didn’t think He would ask me to do that either. I was so shy and reserved at that time no one ever knew I was in the room. It brought me out of my shell and I’ve never gone back in it, although at the moment I would love a couple of quiet days in there. No phones, no knocks on my door, just peace and quiet. Guess that will come soon enough though. I’m now having small strokes on a regular basis, so it appears that the end may be sooner rather than later. What an exciting and wonderful ride this has been! So many new and wonderful friends, like you, Sweet Natalie. Soon I hope to be singing with the angels, although realistically I won’t actually have the wings. I can dream though, right? ❤

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