As one

Peace, Love and Patchouli

We run our thoughts through scenes,
colored images exploring the realms
in empty spaces found
dipping our mind in to swirl it around
mix it all up creating something new
special and sincere
like rain on a solitary afternoon
we become as one
feeling the drops fall
plopping down to the ground
making a mighty splat
we marvel at the makings
of natures art.

Watered down days of paintbrush strokes
and songs that soothe the mind
relaxing us into the place
where artists dwell unseen,
we blend in becoming
something new from ingredients found
in dreams and ideas
we craft them into collages
sea shells and waves
on blank canvas we shuffle it here
and then there
trying to fit pieces in to appeal,
we realize there is a bit of us
within each frame,
as love is all in the end
we evaporate to become
the images of our…

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