Peace, Love and Patchouli

Whispers of wisdom
filter through softly,
unexpected yet not quite so
as the larger ones come seeking
a conversation
with a heart in need.
Eyes that gaze deeply
in their bottomless kind way
we dive in to the freshness
of a new view unseen
yet somehow always known.
We are small before the majesty
of a thought that holds so much,
spilling over without a word
we soak up the goodness
and know how blessed we are
when softly they come
these lingering doubts and fears,
higher we step to rise above
saved in our faith
of light and love.

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Maybe your sadness needs your attention today.



Today I found my sadness sitting all alone,
I reached down and scooped her up.
I held her gently as she wept.
I felt an etching of tenderness in a deeper place.
Sadness looked in my eyes and whispered,
”thank you for listening”~
she then gracefully danced away…

Maybe your sadness needs your attention today.
Go ahead, take a moment and hold it close.
It will nourish what is growing and settle your soul.

~ Tracy/Soul Becons

photo courtesy of Olof Erla
Text & image source: Spiritual Awakenings ॐ

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Apart of the day

Lamb Of Grace

Today I want to escape my worries I’m in need of relaxation. I would like peace to speak to my mind and calming to be my thoughts.

I want to rise up with the sun feeling the morning air blowing through my hair, I want to embrace the strength of the trees learning to stand tall through all just as they are.20180606_211034

I want my hope and faith to be like the grass and plants constantly growing being nourished through every season.

I don’t want tears I want the sunlight to be the light of my eyes. As i rise with the sun into the day i want to be leaving behind all fears. In the day i want to be as courageous as the mountains facing life humbly but boldly when I need to be

I won’t complain about my responsibilities but I asks Lord give my soul peaceful air…

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