A broken halleluljah


“Only when we’re brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.”
― Brené BrownDaring Greatly

into the light

words stumble on her lips
closed in
she falls

trying to speak
to dissolve the shame
in the midst
of untruth
that cements

feigned appearances
masked darkness
the disguise

confessions of being deeply flawed
explode underground vaults
and silence shatters

she dimmed the light
just a little
by acquiescing
to who they wanted her to be….

her truth is a broken hallelujah

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What Is The Meaning? #304


There’s still time for redemption, your heart cannot stay harder than a stone. We did see it all, but now there is more. Would you knock at the same door? Beyond your unhappiness hides a brand new place. Fall and catch yourself, fall just one more time. Your redemption could be my own. Feel your heart beating again, feel your redemption.

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Wildness of clouds

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Skies live in eager states
ever changing form.
As we gaze into the depths
seeing all we could imagine,
we are left wonderous
not knowing quite how it eclipses our hopes.
Dreams become realized
with the sincerest form of joy and bliss,
with just a look above,
Who do we become?
Our journey taking us forward
deeper into realms realized,
we gaze at the mirror
seeing unfamiliar selves,
looking back in the deeper state,
we step into the new form
finding the comfort spot
we tuck in gently
becoming familiar with this new skin,
ever aware of the fit.
We are in the throes,
becoming for a moment
something new and unique
almost a doppelganger of the cloud forms we see,
stormy or calm
it matters not
for now we drift on the winds
the keepers of our tomorrows,
all we imagine
all that we can…

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