Spam Likes: Alert

Exploring Colour

Yesterday I left comments on a blogger-friend’s WP site and received back some spam ‘likes’ on my comments overnight – which really annoyed me because this problem also occurred in April this year (from a different WP blog-site).

For all I know, this may be happening to my followers too but no-one has alerted me to it. Its a real hassle trying to get definitive information about what’s going on but I persevered and thought I’d share what I found out – so that if you have the problem you don’t have to go through the search-process I did.

I ended up contacting Akismet directly (they handle the spam-management for WP) and got a reply from a staff member of Automattic:

Hi Liz, you’re not alone. We’ve seen an uptick in reports of “spam likes” today. It’s not possible to prevent all spam, but we are diligent about always improving…

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