My time, my dime…

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This is my blog upon which I post truths that I deem important and valid. I’m delighted when anyone enjoys what I put out there. And I am not offended if someone doesn’t like my posts or disagrees with what they have to say. However, in this sacred space of my little corner of the world, I am not obliged nor willing to be harassed or insulted or denigrated because of my beliefs. So should you not enjoy what I put out there, just stop reading my posts and/or following my site. We may be currently living in a world where hateful actions and rhetoric are the order of the day, but that buck stops at my door and in my blog’s comments. I’m 75 years old and battling cancer, so if you don’t like my peaches then don’t shake my tree. Just go away. ~Natalie

62 thoughts on “My time, my dime…

  1. How dare they judge you without getting to know you. It is so mean of them to be mean to you, and it offends me.
    Just know there are infinitely more people who love you, because of all the love you give. I am just one of them.
    Hugs to you sweet Natalie~

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  2. Oh my Natalie, I stand with you and hope this is a ‘one off’. One too many though and yes, where is the grace is just unfollowing. This sense of entitlement some have, that they can spray their pain like acid rain on others, is misplaced. Wrapping you in love, so much ❤ xXx ❤

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  3. I’m 110% with you on this, Natalie. It baffles me how people can make negative comments on someone else’s page. I’ve had that happen on Facebook more than here, but either way, it’s like coming into someone’s living room and criticizing the pictures on their wall. People who do this are sick, but that’s no excuse. Your blog is beautiful, hopeful, and inspiring, just like you! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  4. So sorry Natalie, you are so sweet and lovely, I can’t imagine anyone would want to harass you. They are probably internet trolls looking for trouble. I would delete the comments! I hope your treatment is going better? Lots of love xoxoxoxo

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  5. How are you doing in your battle with cancer. Katy was here last weekend and told her you were ill, but had no current info. Hope you are getting better😊

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    • Karen, the tumor in my breast was very small and the surgeon got it all. There were clean margins and no lymph nodes involved! So it is gone! But I was positive for HER2. Thus the need for 4 weeks of radiation and 5 years of hormone therapy. However there is a concern about a nodule in my lung that is being left alone until mid August. There is a possibility that it could be cancer too as a result of my positive HER2. So they will do a CT scan in August before I see the oncologist again to see if it is growing. If so the battle may not be over. Hope you are well. Love, N😊❤️


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