At the end…

of the day, even an insanely awful one like mine was, one has to realize there were moments of blessing and grace in the midst of the pain. And even if there is a possibility of another “dark night” of the the soul yet to traverse and more hardship and pain to face tomorrow, one must offer up words of praise and gratitude as he or she seeks nightly rest as elusive as that may still be for the Holy One, Jesus, who held you in His arms today and will never you let go. For we are told that He always keeps His eyes on the sparrow as well as you and I!

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43 thoughts on “At the end…

  1. Sorry it is all so rough on you at the moment. Here are a couple of songs you can look up on your tube. He Giveth More Grace and also Day by day and With Each Passing Moment. Both are great and have wonderful words of encouragment.
    Isaiah 40:29-31

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