7 thoughts on “Have courage and…

    • I hope by sending the post in this link you are not implying that I am such as this! I know I haven’t been good at being a friend lately, but I’ve been going through hell and barely keeping my head above water love. What I’ve been going through is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to endure and it has left me weak and fragile. So please forgive my lack of “presence!” Je t’aime, N 😘❤️xoxo


      • Oh no not at all this is where I am writing at the moment I should have said that! I don’t feel I can write on my main blog right now due to a few things so I’m taking a sabatical and writing here. I just wanted to let you know. I also wanted to say ‘hello’ and that I was thinking about you, praying for you, and just caring about you. Do NOT say you have not been a good friend lately, that is sheer madness my lovely girl, it’s not true at all. You remember how off the grid I was when I first got really sick and was in and out of ER’s all the time, I wasn’t in touch at all – that’s just how it is. You are going through a LOT and you are handling it magnificently but you don’t have all the energy on the planet so you have to pace yourself and that means writing less and just doing what feels right and anyone who doesn’t understand that really isn’t a friend they are just needy and grabbing. I am a friend. I would NEVER judge you for what you are going through and whether you can write more or less. I only want and pray for you to get through this and come out strong and healthy and protected and blessed and loved. That is my only wish. I know that you are going through the hardest thing you have ever had to endure, I don’t say that lightly AT ALL I just knew it would be and I also know you are really strong but even strong people go through hell when they have to go through what you are going through – you know I love you and love means NO apologies because you are a gift to me nothing less than that. I do want to know how you are WHEN you have the energy to write me but until then please know i pray for you EVERY day multiple times, I think of you EVERY day and I love you and it’s the real kind not the phony friend kind, the life-long kind. I know you will get through this but that doesn’t mean it isn’t it’s own personal brand of hell of course it is, of course it is, and you are doing the best you can that is all you can do and please know so many are praying for you and holding you to the light. So many of us.


      • Oh ok! I was afraid I’d done something to hurt you. SLOWLY but surely I’m recovering from the effects of the radiation treatments but they say it could be weeks or months before I’ve fully recovered. I pray you continue to be better too. I’ll email you soon. In the meantime take care of you and remember how much I love you sweet girl❣️😘🌹xoxoxo xoxoxo xoxo


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