Oh nooooooooooooo…

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I know those of you who live in places where it snows during the winter think I’m absolutely crazy, but we seldom get snow here in Texas where I live. And when we do, there’s usually not a lot of it and/or does it last for very long. Not only is a snowfall beautiful and fun, but it’s also a photographer’s delight because it does such lovely things to all that it lands upon. So even though WP’s snow isn’t real nor does it create any photo shoot possibiities, I look forward all year to the time when it starts snowing on my blog as it may be the closest thing to snow I’ll get to see all winter. Thus this lament, silly as it may be, spilled forth today.

**Image found on Pinterest; texts added by Natalie

15 thoughts on “Oh nooooooooooooo…

  1. We don’t typically get a lot of snow either in the Northwest….mostly rain when the moisture arrives. So I understand you. However, we did get 4 inches last weekend and it truly looked like a winter wonderland!!

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  2. I know what you mean. This year though, it is really going to be rough. Frigid temps a few days and then the 60’s and 70’s the next few. It is taking a toll on all of us here. No wonder there are so many getting sick. At least a nice snow fall would lift some spirits. 🙂

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