25 thoughts on “Fake friends are..

  1. And then there’s yet another side to this, as I learned during my terrible years post-accident: Everybody is dealing with something. some trouble of their own.
    They may not tell you (some friends didn’t know how bad my injuries were until my book was published – I didn’t tell them), but they may be suffering too.
    Almost every time I judge someone, I later discover that they were dealing with their own catastrophes, often trying to manage them privately. So I try to not judge, but to reach out instead to people I care about and who have cared about me in the past.
    Sooner or later, one discovers who values your friendship and who doesn’t, and you can govern the relationship accordingly.

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  2. Had my shares of shadows near me and some of them ascribed to being friends. When my partner passed away 2 of them said if you are selling anything let me know and I will give you such and such for the antique bookcases etc. It didn’t stop there they wanted plants from the garden as well………VULTURES

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