13 thoughts on “Be alone…

  1. Truth… I found this to be true in my own life. I have always been condemned for enjoying my time alone… I have been called names not fit for ears to hear and beaten for sitting alone in my room reading a book… told I thought I was better than everyone else… still cant figure that one out… hell on earth is what I lived from birth to death. divorced and loving it I finally found the God I was seeking… not found in a building, not in repeating prayers, nor in good deeds. I found him in death… it was then he resurrected me with the breath of Life (RUACH). Taught truth and raptured in pure joy in love with a God who first love me… forgiven and forgiving I am at Peace…with the God of all Peace… I was created for His delight… I was created for Eden… To walk and talk with my Beloved… I found the true meaning of the Word… I am my Beloveds and He is mine… Alone and yet not alone for he is ever with me… spirit to spirit, soul to soul, body to body… we are made one.. ECHAD! Love your post. A writer like myself full of passion from the garden where we were created to live, breath and have our being with him.


    • Wow how sad! I’m so sorry you had to endure such mistreatment! I’m so glad the ruach led you into the Lord’s keeping! And yes it was my garden the jump started my derailed faith journey decades ago and so, like you, I cherish my little piece of Eden! Blessings, Natalie


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